What a great day of fishing! I went with Dave Allbaugh to learn first-hand his techniques for fishing wet flies and ended up learning a great deal more about fly fishing in general. It was hot and most fly fishers were having no “luck”, but I must have caught a dozen or so brown trout. The lodge was beautiful and immaculately clean with nearby access to a number of streams. I look forward to staying there again and using Dave’s services both as a guide and as an instructor.

Jim Crowell

      I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANKS for a GREAT trip last week!!! I first met Dave at the PA Heritage Days back in June of this year. After watching him tie wet flies and then speaking with him, I knew I wanted to experience a day on the water learning his techniques for Wet Fly fishing. We scheduled a trip for early September and I brought along a friend who also wanted to experience the trip. At Dave's recommendations, we decided to stay at Gorge View Lodge and use that as our "Base of Operation". That was an outstanding recommendation on his part. The accommodations at the Lodge are FANTASTIC!!! My room was GREAT!! The entire Lodge was clean and cozy!! What a view of the STARS!!!
      After arriving and getting "Squared Away", we sat around the table and began a "Skull Session" with Dave explaing his methods for Wet Fly Fishing. We asked many questions and he answered every one. From the leader formula that he shared, to demonstrating the dropper loops,plus the fly's we would be using. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for from this trip!! The next morning, I awoke to the wonderful smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying. I knew it was gonna be a Good Day!!! Breakfast was excellent!!!     
    We started fishing early that morning and everything Dave went over the previous evening we immediately put to use. IT WORKS!!! About mid morning, after catching a few fish and missing many fish,then a small lull in the action,we moved downstream and I started fishing a small run. On my second drift, I got a strike and started bringing in not 1,not 2 but 3 fish AT THE SAME TIME!!! WHAT A THRILL!!! I landed , with Dave's help. Three fish caught at the same time on three different flies. I think Dave mentioned that he has never had any previous clients catch 3 fish at one time. I am truly honored to be the FIRST!! I can only say that the utilization of his techniques "Made It All Possible"!!   
  I would highly recommend this trip to anybody that wants to learn about Wet Fly fishing and spend some time with a Truly Fantastic Person, Guide and Teacher!!! I mentioned to Dave, I have an upcoming trip to Montana at the end of September and I will be utilizing everything I learned to help expand my fishing experience in Montana. For any "Non Believer's" out there, I have included a picture of the 3 fish that I caught while using Dave's techniques!!

Darren Wishard


    I’ve only been fly fishing a few years and almost exclusively fish nymphs. However, after seeing a video presentation of you discussing your wet fly fishing technique, I couldn’t wait to fish with you to learn more. To say I was not disappointed is an understatement.
  As this was my first time ever “swinging” wet flies , It was a memorable moment for me in landing the largest trout since I have started fly fishing, as my first fish on a wet fly - that 20 plus (“tuna”) rainbow…what an awesome way to start! Then, followed up soon after with my first ever DOUBLE with another very nice rainbow and a beautiful brown! I would have never thought it was possible to simultaneously catch two nice trout at the same time. I keep reliving those moments in my mind of how the fish slammed the flies as they swing downstream. What an awesome way to fly fish.
  Thanks for the excellent hospitably, and also taking the time to go over leader construction, discussing various fly lines, and showing me your beautiful collection of wet flies. Dave, I’ve fished with
multiple guides over the past several years, and there is none better in what you do. I look forward to seeing you at the shows and can’t wait to book my next trip with you.

Thanks again and best regards,

Dan Schleig
York PA.

  I wanted to thank you again for everything. Over the past few evenings, I've put the leader, flies and techniques to the test on my home waters and have caught some nice fish. As I mentioned before, I've been on 30+ guided trips/instructionals and yours ranks at the very top of the

New York
​ I did a fall fly fishing outing with Wet Fly Water Guide's Dave Allbaugh October 5th, 2015 on the Little "j" in Pennsylvania. The outing was a reschedule from a cancellation in June because of rain storms which blew out the Little "j". Dave kept in contact on a regular basis and was very accommodating to my schedule. I have fly on the Little "j". Dave was also extremely knowledgeable of the Little "j" and where to put me onto browns. I thoroughly enjoyed fishing wets, the new technics and knowledge gained from Dave during my day on
the Little "j". If you want to have a memorable experience, schedule a day on the water Wet Fly fishing with Dave!

Take Care & God Bless

Larry Freeman
"Dave Allbaugh and Gorge View Lodge

We were treated to immaculate lodging, solid meals and great company and that was before we even put our waders on. When the sun went down, there was a high school football game going on just out of view but we could see the Friday night lights and hear the cheers and the soft rhythm of marching bands. All to a backdrop of the beautiful Juniata Gorge.
We were taught the almost extinct art of wet fly angling and each of us got a dozen nice browns before lunch. Dave Allbaugh is a meticulous tier and an encouraging coach,even for a couple of inexperienced fly fishers. Daves waters are beautiful and easy to wade. The trout are cooperative and abundant. We can't wait to go back."

Charles Lanzieri
Scott Seabeck

Cleveland, Ohio

I had a great time yesterday( except for that few seconds). I appreciate your patience with a newbie. I will get some practice and get another day scheduled with you. My buddy thinks he can fix the rod so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Thanks for everything, I will see you soon.

Steve Riddle
Saltsburg, PA

Just wanted to send a short note and thank you for the trip that I won't soon forget. We started to plan the trip back in Feb. and anxiously waited till the end of May. Wondering what to expect, it was everything we hoped for. We learned lots tips that will be used often on future fishing trips. Anyone reading this that wants to plan a fly fishing trip to North Central PA, you won't be disappointed with this guy. Thanks for sending the pictures of the Rainbows. 

Tom Pavelko
Canfield, Ohio
Hi Dave,

That was a fun day, and this fish sure was a nice surprise.He looked much larger when you were holding him. Hopefully we can do it again.

Thank You
Greg Wilson

I had a very nice stay at the lodge. It was quite comfortable and
conveniently located near the river. Al and I fished the river from
the railroad trestle to the big pool yesterday. We caught 3 browns
each with several other hook ups. Al had a nice fish on just upstream
of the trestle but the fish managed to free itself before we had a
chance to see it; but that's fishing. Thank you for sharing your wet
fly system with us. I look forward to fishing the system in future
trips to the streams. Also, thanks for the generous gift of leader and
flies. All and all, I had a great time fishing with you as did Al. We
look forward to future trips to the lodge and the Little J.

All the best,

Rich Kees

I just wanted to send you a short note thanking you for an awesome
time in October. It was a lot of fun learning how to swing fish three
wet flies at the same time, I am definitely going to use this
technique in the spring. This was my first time fishing the “Little J”
and I appreciated your knowledge of the area and your expertise in
fishing wet flies. Swing fishing wet flies was a new experience for me
and I wanted to thank you for your patience. You were able to put me
on fish each morning and afternoon. I also wanted to let you know that
I caught seven fish Wednesday morning, right down the road from the
lodge, and was on my way home by 11:30. The lodge accommodations and
all-inclusive meals were top drawer, enjoyed your cooking and

 Thanks and Best Regards,

Ron Beebe
Mount Laurel, NJ

Thank you very much for a Great day of fishing. Even with the high water conditions , your knowledge and experience had me catching fish for the first time on wet flies in no time at all. Your patience with me and your expertise was amazing. I really enjoyed the day ! Thank you again.

Tim O'Donnell

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip with you at the end of April. It was my first time fishing Kettle Creek and my first time swinging wets. You had me on the fish even though the conditions were not ideal. Your instruction was spot on. You had me casting the intermediate line, mini sink tips and sinking line and catching fish everyday. The meals were incredible. I've been using what I learned on the Loyalsock with a lot of success. I'm tying the flies from your DVD and my leader is still going strong. I look forward to fishing with you again this year and next!

Thanks again,

Doug Martin

Thanks again for sharing so much of your expertise on the streams. I had an AWESOME time. I sincerely hope the trip happens again next spring! What a fantastic trip! I so enjoyed our group, fishing, food.....awesome!  

Take care,


John and I had an excellent adventure with you. The unique wet fly strategy was very educational and added another weapon for us as we continue to try to catch fish. Kettle Creek was wonderful with all of its opportunities to catch fish and also because of the spectacular wildlife we saw! Thanks for a great trip and we look forward to getting some flies from you this winter.

Best regards,

Mike Ott 
Rick, Dave and Taylor,

I want to thank you for providing a wonderful experience last weekend. Your hospitality was incredible, from the use of the charming lodge to the delicious food menu, preparation and cleanup!! Dave, I especially want to thank you for being so patient with my fishing skills. I loved your technique and learned so very much. I realize the tremendous effort that you all put into providing us with a top rate experience. I hope to return.




      I just wanted to say thank you for the memorable day we spent on the river. I don't believe I have ever had a more enjoyable day on the water. Your teaching and patience is greatly appreciated. I changed all my fly boxes to only wets and it will stay that way. Thank you again and can't wait to see the pic you got of me and the nice brown. We will be doing it again in 2019 I can promise you that.

Your thankful student
     Alan Ridgway

     Thanks for a great fishing trip. You are a fantastic fly fisherman and guide. Thanks for so enthusiastically and effectively sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience and giving back to the sport in this way. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, had a great experience, and learned a heck of a lot.

   Loren Martin 

      I greatly enjoyed fishing with you Wednesday and Thursday. I appreciated your patience with me, and knowledge of the streams. The wet fly technique was really fun and I was very pleased to learn how it is done. Thank you so much for the tour of the State College area. I learned a great deal that I probably never would have figured out by myself. It was all quite fascinating! I would definitely like to do it again.

Dan Gomez
      We enjoyed a terrific day with Dave on Kettle Creek, Dave is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable both on his local streams and on the traditional wet fly approach. Being from the UK I especially enjoyed the opportunity to fish traditionally and share a day with a fellow enthusiast. Dave has taken the traditional approach and modified it well to suit his local steams. High light of my day was sight casting to a 20 inch palomino, swinging the fly in front of it and watching the fish grab it, awesome.

Chris Pinnegar

 Thank You very much for an educational, and productive day! 

Jeff  Bollinger

      Great day on the water yesterday. Thank you very much for the opportunity to fish new water and learn a few new things. I am a better fisherman today than I was at the start of yesterday. I appreciate your wisdom and generosity as well as your knowledge and the ability to cater to my skills and not make me feel like a dope. I also appreciate you not letting me get flushed down the stream when things got a bit dicey for me. All in all, catching a few fish, missing many more, but at least moving them, I got just what I was looking for in this trip, thank you.

Mark Hainsey

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion for wet fly fishing this weekend. You are a terrific guide, a patient man, and a gracious host. The Lodge was just right for both Glen and I — all the desired amenities and no more. You helped me on the learning curve in more ways than wet flies. 

Best regards,
George Lukes

Here is the photo of the brown we caught on the Little J. I really enjoyed meeting you and learning your wet fly techniques. Great weekend fun thank you.

Glen Baldwin

Many thanks for a fantastic couple of days. You are a great guide and I’m certainly excited to put what I have learned into effect. 

Ollie Snelling

I had a GREAT time fishing with you and your guiding was excellent! I really like the wet fly technique and hope to use it in the near future.

Betsy Miraglia
I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed (and I know John feels the same) fishing with you. I learned a lot, caught fish and had a fun time with a lot of laughs. Look forward to getting together again at some point.

Bill Secoy

Great trip. Thank you for teaching Jason and I the wet fly technique. Last time I checked I still have my balls attached, so that is a win! Fun time. It was good to be back on the water with good friend Chuck too.  

Wayne & Jason Leadbetter

Thanks again for the great educational and guided trip with Sky Blue Outfitters. Wet fly technique with the correct drift is a welcome addition to my fishing. I just got back from a 3 day trip. Trying to remember everything you showed us on the trip and have to tell you wet flies work! Tried to match where the fish were feeding and had success on top and bottom but the better catches followed the dimples on top of the water with wet flies. Hard strikes, several misses but brought about 15 fish to the net for a quick release. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Chuck Swanderski
Rick and Dave,

      Yes, I really had a great time and I think Dave "raised the bar" on making me a somewhat competent wet fly fisherman. In the end, the weather and water cooperated each day and Dave did an excellent job at putting Ken and I where the fish were. Talking with Ken after the trip he said he also enjoyed himself, but the combo of cold and fast water did him in the second afternoon.

      I don't know if Dave told you, but Tuesday there was an amazing hatch of grannoms. It was truly something to behold and a once in a lifetime experience. I think Dave said it right....that SBO offers an experience like no other guide service with professional guides, first class lodging, delicious meals, and great fishing.

Mike Brooker
Good Morning Rick Nyles (Head guide of Sky Blue Outfitters),

Just wanted to follow up with you on this Wild Brook Trout trip with Dave Allbaugh, that I just finished. This was a magnificent trip and Dave as a guide was outstanding. This is my second trip with him. I did a wet fly trip through you guys previously. He is a teacher and his knowledge and skills are outstanding. I learn each time I work with him. His hospitality is top notch, his food is great (I swear he must be a world class chef in his spare time). 

This was a first class trip. We caught more quality fish (mostly wild Browns this week) than I ever have. Thank you for making this trip happen with Dave and I am already planning for this trip again next year. Please make sure he knows I appreciate everything he did to make this a great experience.  

Mark Hainsey

After a solid day of rest I just wanted to write to you and say that I had a terrific time this past Tuesday May 23rd. It was like fishing with a friend-truly. And I wanted to thank you for laughing at my full body spontaneous subsurface fishing technique. It is one I do not perform often for obvious reasons. It is not very productive. In addition, thanks for so many tips I definitely will use all of them. I look forward to fishing with you again in the future. Thank You

Mark Montanti