New For 2018

New For 2018

     Wet Fly Waterguides will be hosting a 2 Day Educational Guide Trip with Rick Nyles of Sky Blue Outfitters and George Daniel author of Dynamic Nymphing. This educational program will be on April 13,14,15, 2018. This event will be limited to 4 students and the costs is $900.00 per person. The class is all inclusive, transportation to and from stream, on the stream instruction on Big Fishing Cr, Penn's Cr, Spring Cr. Lodging will be at the guest house at Longmeadow Farm in Logan Mills, PA on the headwaters of Big Fishing Creek and all meals will be included. The class will cover nymphing with George Daniel, dry flies with Rick Nyles and wet flies with Dave Allbaugh. We will also be tying a few fly patterns that hatch at this time of the season.  This class will definitely full up quickly. So, if your interested in spending a few days with these experts and learning there techniques book now. Your spot can be reserved by contacting Dave Allbaugh (814) 322-4755 or Rick Nyles (610) 987-0073.  (Class is Full)

      In the fall of 2017 Wet Fly Waterguides purchased a brand new 14' poling skiff built by Salt Marsh Skiffs in Fort Pierce, Florida. The skiff is ideally built for fly fishing and will accommodate one angler and myself. The skiff is equipped with a Suzuki 20 horse power outboard motor and a 55 thrust riptide minn kota i pilot trolling motor mounted on the starboard side. At the stern is a poling platform with an 18ft push pole mounted on the starboard side gunwale. Also mounted in the center of the cockpit is a Yeti 45 cooler with padded seat. Under the starboard side gunwale are two fly rod holders. 

     With the trolling motor and push pole both mounted on the starboard side of the skiff it makes it ideal for fly casting from the port side. This leaves a clean deck with plenty of room to stand and cast and not have the fly line tangle around anything. The skiff is very stable for its size and will pole in 4 to 5 inches of water. Weighing at a 185 lbs. she'll motor across the lake at around 30mph.

     Starting this summer and fall I'll be out in the new skiff every chance I get learning and exploring some of the different lakes in Western, Central & North Central Pennsylvania for bass and pike. Our plan for the future is to provide a new guide trip to fly anglers totally different then what we have offered in the past. I see and hear about fly fishing for bass and pike in our rivers, but never hear to much about fly fishing for these species in our lakes. I have spoken to a few of the bass guides and a number of bass anglers here in PA and they all agree that hardly any anglers fish flies on our lakes. 

     We see a perfect opportunity to extend our fly fishing into the summer months and to offer other anglers a different type of guide trip. As time goes on throughout the summer and fall of 2018 I'll keep you updated on how we're progressing with this new venture on the website Blog Page. 
Educational Guided Trip
Coming Soon !!! New Guided Trip
Guiding for Sky Blue Outfitters
     This week I received some great news. I will be joining the guiding staff of Sky Blue Outfitters ( as one of there guides. Over the past few years I have guided on numerous trips with the guys, mostly in Central Pennsylvania and all of our trips have been very successful with the anglers we guided. Rick and I both seen a great opportunity for both of our guide services to grow together as we move forward in our quest to be two of the premier guide services in Pennsylvania.
      I know that the guys from Sky Blue Outfitters (Rick, Nick and Taylor) share the same passion, drive and dedication that I have about guiding anglers. This why we have become good friends and our trips have become so successful. I will look forward to the future guiding with them throughout the Pennsylvania region.

                                          (This is what was posted on SBO website)

      Sky Blue Outfitters is proud to announce that Dave Allbaugh of Wet Fly Waterguides has decided to join our guide staff. Dave has been working with SBO for the past several years and we both realize how our goals and approach to guiding mesh together and complements each others business. Dave brings a wealth of experience and is known for his wet flies and fishing with wet flies.
      Dave's home water is the Little Juniata River and is experienced in guiding the Central Pennsylvania streams such as Spring, Penn's, Big Fishing Cr, Pine, Kettle and the many brook trout streams scattered throughout the region. With Dave on our staff we plan on expanding our Pennsylvania destination trips and our educational programs specializing on wet fly fishing, nymphing and dry fly fishing. Please welcome Dave to Sky Blue Outfitters.  

      New for the fall of 2018, we have added a new guide trip called The Round Robin Guide Trip. This is the ultimate of Central Pennsylvania guide trips. The streams we'll be targeting are the Little Juniata River, Spring Creek and Penn's Creek. These are the three crown jewels of Central Pennsylvania's trout waters. If you haven't been to these streams in the fall your missing out. First and foremost the angling crowds are gone for the season and you pretty much can pick and choose where you want to fish and probably not see another angler all day. Also at this time of the season the fish are getting ready to spawn and starting to feed for the winter months. There's no better time during the season to land that trophy and experience some spectacular fall foliage on the Pennsylvania country side.

                                                                     Trip Details

      This all inclusive guide trip will be on October 11th to 14th and will include all meals and lodging. We will be fishing the Little Juniata River, Spring Creek and Penn's Creek our goal is to fish one stream a day and as many sections as we can during the day. Lodging will be at The Little Juniata River Lodge on the 1st day and day 2 and 3 we'll be lodging at The Guest House on Big Fishing Creek. Cost is $850.00 per angler and is limited to 4 anglers.  Guides will be Rick Nyles and Dave Allbaugh    
Fall Guided Trip    (SOLD OUT)