New For 2024


Streamer Guide Trip
      NEW for 2024 Wet Fly Waterguides will be offering a new guide trip. Over the last four or five years we have been STREAMER FISHING on a few of our most popular rivers and streams in the early spring and fall. The quality of fish brought to the net has been eye opening. During this time we have been experimenting with some new designs in streamer patterns for our waters. These flies are designed to push a lot of water to get the maximum movement out of the flies. The equipment we've been using is a fast action 9 foot 7 weight rod. Fly lines used are an intermediate sinking, sink tip and full sinking lines. Leader is short 3 feet in length. With this leader and a combination of the fly lines will get these streamers down quick and keep them in the zone. Our flies are all articulating streamers three to four inches long and in a multitude of colors.

      We will be focusing on three different streams and rivers in Central Pennsylvania on this guide trip. All three of these waters have great potential for putting some good sizable brown trout in the net. We will be targeting these waters first thing in the spring, March and April and in the pre-spawn and the post-spawn of the fall late September,October,November and December. In my opinion these are the best times to land perhaps the best brown trout of the season.

      If you're interested in chasing some better than average browns give me a call (814)322-4755 or email me at wetflywg@gmail and I'll get you on the calendar.

                                                              Streamer Guide Trip

                                                              One Angler - $350.00
                                                              Two Anglers - $450.00

      Guide Trip includes : Lunch,Water,Soda. I will supply flies and leaders. Bring your PA fishing license + trout stamp, waders, wading staff and other gear you wear. Also bring your favorite 6 to 7 wt fly rod preferably a fast action rod (stiff) and a reel loaded with a sink tip or fast sinking flyline.
      Well, the time has come. As of April 1st I will officially be Retired and that's no April fools joke . Where did all the time go? After 42 years of working in the Maintenance Department at Conemaugh Memorial Hospital in Johnstown, PA it's time to step down and go do some more fishing and spend some quality time in the outdoors with my son John. I can honestly say it was a pleasure working there for all those years. I made lots of good friends and met some really good people. I always told people, there wasn't a single day when getting up for work that I ever said "shit I have to go to work today". It's been a great place to work and I'll miss all of the guys I've worked with over the years. Thanks for all the great memories. I will now be pursuing my life long dream of guiding fly fishing trips full time throughout the year.