New For 2023


Floating for River Smallmouths
       Wet Fly Waterguides will be adding a float trip for river smallmouth bass throughout the summer and fall months (late June - October) starting in 2023. YES, you heard right I'll be guiding for smallmouths. This is something that has been in the works for a few years now. My goal is to extend our fly fishing time to those anglers that would like to pursue smallmouth bass. These fish are an awesome challenge on the fly rod throwing big flies. They fight hard and jump so much differently then a good trout. So now is the time to offer a great float trip to all of those anglers who like throwing streamers to one of the baddest freshwater predators out there in our rivers,The Smallmouth Bass. 

      This guide trip will take place on the upper Juniata River. The sections that we'll be floating on the Juniata River will be between Huntington, PA and Lewistown, PA. These areas see very little pressure and especially from fly anglers. In these upper sections of the Juniata there are ten different launch areas and there is six to eight miles of water between launches. Trips will be approximately an 8 to 9 hour float. All trips will be Catch and Release. 

      Floating the river will be done in our new custom StealthCraft Hooligan XL raft.
This raft is absolutely ideal for fly fishing out of and is set up for a guide and either one or two anglers. This raft is very stable through the rough water and will drift in four inches of water. She is also decked out with two custom rod holders on each side for easy fly rod access. This will allow each angler to be armed with one sub-surface rod and one top water rod. Casting braces in the front and back are very stable for hours of standing and casting and when you get a little tired of casting you can kick back and relax in a comfortable swivel seat and take in the sights along the river.  

Full Day Trip on the Upper Juniata River : We will meet at a specific location close to the river at 7:00am. You'll then follow me to the take-out launch. We'll then load your gear into my vehicle and leave your vehicle at the take-out launch. We'll then travel up river to the put-in launch and launch the raft. Our time on the water will be approximately 9 to 10 hours and we'll cover a 7 to 8 mile stretch of water. We'll break for lunch around 12:00 noon (lunch and drinks will be provided). After lunch we'll continue our float. At the end of day at the take-out you'll take your vehicle up river and bring my vehicle & trailer back to the take-out launch. We'll then load the raft and gear and head up river to your vehicle then we'll be on our way home.

              *Two Day Float Trips can also be arranged. There are a number of hotels in the                            Huntington,PA area for you to choose from. 

                                                         One Angler: $450.00
                                                         Two Anglers: $550.00

Full Day Float Trip Includes: Flies,(Rods and Reels if needed). Lunch and drinks will be provided for the day.

Things to Bring: Rod 7 or 8 wt, Reels with floating and sinking fly line, (bring your flies if you like), Comfortable shoes or sandals, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Raincoat, Pennsylvania fishing license.  

*Shuttling between put-in and take-out launches will be done by the both of us with our vehicles.  
Float Trip Details