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January & February
      As winter comes to an end and the fly fishing shows are winding down, it's time to start getting ready for the 2024 fishing season. Just a little recap of what we were doing in December, January and February. The month of December stayed pretty mild, and we were able to fish right up to Christmas Eve. The streamer fishing was great the whole month and some nice browns came to the net. In January and February, we spent the month tying flies and getting ready for the fly fishing shows. I attended four of the biggest shows which were well attended by anglers from all over. 

      With February coming to an end now we'll be getting our boats ready for on the lake and the river to chase bass and some toothy critters. Rods and reels are coming out of their cases and being assembled. The first sign of a decent day in March we'll be heading to the lake. Guide trip dates for trout in April, May and June are filling up pretty quickly. If you're thinking about doing a wet fly guide trip or an early streamer trip right now is the time to book.
      As March comes to a close so does all of the fly fishing shows for the year. I attended four different shows and all were well attended by anglers from all over. We'll be looking forward to all of the shows again next year.

      March has always been a busy month with getting ready to start guiding for the trout season. It's surprising how much prep work goes into getting ready to start the guiding season. This year I started pretty early and I've been ready for a couple of weeks now. From looking at my calendar April, May and June are going to be pretty busy and I am anxious to get started. Again this year I'll be running smallmouth and largemouth trips on the Juniata River and a few lakes during the summer months. If you're interested in experiencing something a little different then trout give me a call and I'll set you up. With a warmwater guide trip.