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March & April
      Wow, March and April have come and gone so quickly that I didn't even have time to get any posts on the blog page in time in those months. This year the guiding season got started earlier than ever. I guess everyone was pretty much fed up with the winter months and tired of hearing about covid and just wanted to get out and fish. 

      The month of March fished well with the flows holding pretty steady through the month. BWO's and black stoneflies were the main hatches. We fished mostly on Spring Creek and the Little J. Both streams gave up some good numbers of fish.      
      In April the grannoms came early this year and the guide trips that I had early in the month went very well. The anglers on those trips landed and missed a lot of fish, but all in all they all said they had a great time.         

      I also was able to get out a few times in between guide trips to chase some fish. Believe it or not I did not throw a single wet fly. The new game for me in 2022 is chasing trout with articulating streamers. Yes, you heard that right, no wetflies.      
      Now at this time in my fly fishing career it's time to experience and excel at a new method. I can't believe how exciting it is to watch these fish chase down these flies and eat them. I can honestly say I haven't been this excited about a fly fishing method since I started fishing wetflies way back when. I can also say that this streamer fishing is not for everybody, it takes a lot of work to do this connective days in a row. One thing is the rewards are absolutely awesome when brought to the net. So I guess I'll be on my way to becoming a "Streamer Junkie".