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January / February
      Winter has now got its grip on Western Pennsylvania and at this point cabin fever will be setting in for us all at some point. I am sure everyone of us anglers will be pretty much following the same pattern of keeping busy over the next few months, tying flies, cleaning gear, planning trips. It's surprisingly for myself how busy things get when your going into one season to the next. It all gets started in October with tying flies, getting gear ready and planning for the fly fishing shows, O' yea and still doing some fishing.

      As we move into the up coming months we'll be pretty busy. We just got back from the Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ. As most know this is the granddaddy of all fly fishing shows. It was an awesome time at the show for us. Got to check out some new gear, buy some tying supplies and talk to a few tying buddies and of coarse hang out with the guides from Sky Blue Outfitters. This show is the first of the season for me and four or five more shows will follow before the show season ends.

      So its back to the fly tying vice to bang out a few more articulating flies for bass and pike. I'll occasionally be glancing out the window to see how much snow is falling to the ground and thinking of getting back on the water. It will be here before you know it. 
Couldn't resist on taking this guy home from the show to hang on the front of our camp. It'll be chasing a few wet flies. 
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The guides from Sky Blue Outfitters
February 9, 2019
      As we move into the month February staying busy has not been a problem. The fly fishing show season is in full swing and our next show coming up will be the Central PA Fishing Show in Bellwood, PA Saturday February 23rd. Then to the Cabin Fever Show hosted by the Penn's Woods TU Chapter held in Cranberry, PA on Sunday March 3rd. Luckily for me both of these shows are not a far drive for me. Looking forward to attending both of these shows.

      I also have been busy tying flies. I did get an early start this year with starting to tie my trout flies back in November and finished up at the end of December. Now its been at the vice every night tying articulating bass and pike flies for this summer on the lakes. I recently had the opportunity of meeting and speaking to a few anglers that specializes in these monster patterns, guys like Pat Cohen, Jake Villwock and Gunner Brammer. These guys explained to me fly design and how the flies should fish. I can now somewhat understand why these flies are so productive. Here are a few patterns that I have been working on that I think should fish pretty well in the lakes.