Archived Testimonials
  “If your passion revolves around great trout streams,  gorgeous scenery  and  excellent meals coupled with one on one  instructional  guiding then look  no  further.  Dave and George at Wet Fly Waterguides provided us with all that and  more!  It was a premiere fly fishing experience and so affordable that we hope to make it an annual event.  I was  simply looking for someone to help me learn more about fishing the centuries old wet fly  and ended up participating in my favorite fly fishing trip to date!  I highly  recommend Wet fly Waterguides;  you couldn't ask for more!"

    Bob Webb
    Bedford,  PA
  "I want to thank you guys  for giving me a great trip.  I would like to tell  anyone that is  thinking about trying wet fly fishing to not think  twice about it!  As an advid  "nympher",  I did not think that there  was  a better way to take a trout.  Well,  I was very surprised to find that wets could be so much fun,  and fishing with George and Dave are two of the best  guys to learn from.  Fishing with them was like fishing with a couple of buddies that I have been fishing with for years.  They make learning the art  of  "wet's"  fun and easy.  They also are very skilled at  undoing the knots I created in my leader!  I sure tested them out in that!  So, if you are looking to add one more trick to your tactics for taking trout,  give wet fly fishing a shot.  Between the laughs and knot  picking,  you will catch fish,  alot of them.  Give Wet Fly Waterguides  a  day of your time and you too will be a wet fly fisherman."

Todd Woznick
 Lehighton, Pa 
  “When I went with Wet Fly Waterguides,  it was my first experience at fly fishing and I was a little nervous.  I had seen people fly fishing on TV before,  and it looked pretty complicated.  When we got to the stream,  they showed me how to set my rod up,  and after some practice casts, I got the hang of it.  After a few casts on my own,  the  fish started biting.  I was really excited when I caught my first brown trout.  I have always loved fishing,  but fly  fishing has really got me hooked.  I had a great time.” 

Zack  Rummel  Age  14 
Johnstown, PA
"Guys.  Thanks for the flies.  I used them on a guided trip with 2 clients. There was sporadic hatch activity throughout the day and my plan was to have one client fish the usual suspects (nymphs etc) but I wanted to experiment with your flies with my other client.  After  catching 10 fish we stopped experimenting and just fished wet flies the rest of the day.  At one point in the afternoon we were hooking up every cast.  Well they had a great time.  I found it was much easier for them to do a down stream swing with a wet fly than to try to get them to do a drag free drift with a nymph which we usually do.  They could also feel and see the strikes so it wasn’t hard for them to hook up.  I expected them to hook up a time or two with the wet flys but they FAR exceeded my expectations in terms of number of  fish caught.  The best patterns were the CDC Picket and Adams.  Thanks so much for continuing to promote such a great and classic aspect of our sport,  one that is so enjoyable and underrated."

     Gordon English
The Albemarle Angler
   Charlottesville, VA

 I have been a lifelong trout fisherman in West-Central Pennsylvania and for the past 15-20 years a fly fisherman.  The knowledge and enjoyment that I have gained by fishing with George Lashinsky and Dave Allbaugh has been immeasurable.  My experiences with them have certainly improved my quality of fishing.  I thought I knew the streams of this region, but they know them like the backs of their trout stained hands. They could probably fish Kettle and Spring Creek blindfolded. They know every hot spot.  George and Dave's fly fishing abilities rank up with the best. Using their wet flies and techniques improved my catch rate.  I whole-heartedly recommend their guide services.  Their stories and anecdotes will keep you amused. Their knowledge and experience will catch you more fish and improve your fishing abilities. 
                   Walt Ronan, P.T.
 Owner of Vantage Physical Therapy
           Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  Well after meeting Dave and George at some of the flyfishing shows, we got a chance to fish together up on Pine Creek and Kettle Creek. After seeing their flies at the shows and seeing the time they have taken to adapt and create their own patterns to meet the needs of the various streams they fish, I knew these guys were the real deal. Before I went up to fish with Dave, I took the time to look at the video they had done and tied up a few of their patterns. Probably the best thing the video on tying did for me was remind me that I need to keep an open mind about fly creation and be creative. Anyhow I stopped at Spring Creek and gave the wet sulphur a try, the action was not stop in a hour I had a taken a dozen Spring Creek browns. I was pumped and headed to Kettle Creek to meet Dave at his camp. We got up early the next day and fished Pine Creek and had an absolute blast. These guys know where the fish are, the canoes got a little intense so we moved back over to Kettle. Wow it was the same thing one fish after the other. Fishing wets with these guys was great, but more importantly was the hospitality Dave showed me. Dave I can’t thank you enough you treated me like we were friends forever. Since then we have got together and fished a couple of the streams in Central PA that I like to fish and we have had a blast. Try wet fly fishing Dave and George style and it will add another dimension to your game.
Todd Spacht
Guide and Owner of Spacht’s Custom Flies
Mechanicsburg. PA

  If you are looking for a great day of fishing or to add another method to your fly fishing experience, then you cannot do better than to spend a day with Wet Fly WaterGuides.  My son-in-law and I spent a day with Dave fishing Bald Eagle Creek, Spring Creek and the Little Juniata. I must say that Dave knows every inch of these streams and his wet flys do catch fish. We had a very memorable day and can't wait to do it again!  Dave, thanks again for a great day of fishing.

 Dick Farabaugh    Indiana, PA
  After a friend gave me a 30 minute introduction to fly fishing last year, I began looking for a fly fishing class. I stumbled on to the Wet Fly Waterguides through Mike, one of my customers.  Mike suggested Dave and George so I gave them a call.  Our first outing had to be postponed due to high water, but it was worth the wait. Being a novice, Dave took the time needed with my buddy and I to teach us casting techniques and other aspects of the sport. Dave took us to some wonderful streams and we were catching fish in no time.  Dave is truly an articulate, patient, organized, and knowledgeable teacher and fisherman.  My only regret is that I didn't meet him 10 years ago.  If you are considering a trip or are needing instruction as we were, then the Wet fly Waterguides are the guys to go to.  I am already looking at my calander for a 3 day trip next spring.

Rodney Schaffer
Director of Technical Services
Con Yeager Spice Company
Zelienople, PA 16063
  I had a great time on my 3 day trip.  I really appreciated the opportunity to fish a small mountain stream for wild brook trout and browns, two large freestone streams for some beautiful rainbows, and a spring creek for some feisty browns,  all on the same trip.  Best of all we caught fish on every stream we fished, even though the weather didn’t fully cooperate.  I am truly a believer in the wet fly technique that you all advocate,  it really produces.  I can’t wait to try it on some Virginia streams.  In addition your 3 days of individual instruction/tutoring has been invaluable in improving my mediocre casting and my ability to “read” the water on larger streams.  An additional bonus, and one of particular interest to me, were the rides through the mountain “back roads” to and from the streams.  We saw game on every trip and seeing the black bear up close and personal was a real treat.  I have only one complaint.  It just wasn’t possible for me to eat all of the great food you provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Thanks again for a wonderful time and I look forward to booking another trip as soon as my “work” allows.

George S. Bullen
7616 Burford Drive
McLean VA 22102
  On May 16, 2008, I experienced Wet Fly Fishing for the first time with Dave Allbaugh from Wet Fly Fishing Guides. I must admit it was very much different then what I was used to, but I had a very nice time catching some nice Brown Trout.  I was also impressed with the amount of time we spent on the water fishing. Dave went the extra mile to get me hooked up, so to speak.  Dave was very patient with me because I was slow to pick up this technique, I want to thank you Dave once again and hope to see you on the stream soon. 

 Thank you
 Chad Hollenbaugh
 Con Yeager Spice, Co
  I am hooked. Once you start wet fly fishing you won’t want to fish any other way.  I have been on 2-three day trips with George and Dave and it has been the 6 best days of fishing in my life. And the food isn’t bad either actually its pretty darn good. As far as the fishing goes, they put you on fish and you catch fish. If I can catch fish with them anyone can. It doesn’t matter how much you know about fly-fishing, they will teach you a few things and you will have the time of your life.  I would highly recommend you book a trip with Wet Fly Waterguides today or you will be sorry you didn’t do it sooner.  We have made it a tradition to go with them every year.

Christopher Webb
Bedford, Pa
  I am writing to express my appeciation for the all day lesson and fishing experience I had last week with Dave.  I was very impressed  by the technique and frequency of "takes" we had using the wet fly method.  We  caught alot of trout. I look forward to implementing this method on my own with the help of your DVD on fly tying.  

Thanks again, 
Dr. Bruce Duke 
Johnstown, PA.
Thanks for another great trip! This third trip was made even more special since I was able to bring my 78 year old dad. He had quite a day of fishing and is still talking about the quality of the guiding, the beautiful area and fishing opportunities. You run a class operation and I look forward to coming back next year.

Best regards,
Jeff & Max Ankney
Somerset, PA
George, I wanted to say thank you for the awesome time you showed my friend Dave and I on Sunday.  What a beautiful stream you have there in Spring Creek.  The fly project there is something that should be revered and protected by cold water enthusiasts and all who enjoy the splendor of nature.

I must say that I am a “Dry Fly” guy and was more than a bit apprehensive about being shown something new.  After having spent some time before hand watching your video series and a few brief instructions, I have a new found appreciation for your lost art.  I can see that this technique is very productive.  You had Dave and I on fish while the others around watched.  The only fish I saw landed were taken by our group utilizing your techniques.  This is how our sport began so long ago, the wet fly.  

Lastly, the M-Series 5 weight performed flawlessly in the high winds and tight cover.  The operator(me) , however left a bit to be desired.  I am looking forward to the day that I can redeem myself on Spring Creek with the Wet Fly WaterGuides.

Best regards,

Chris Reister
Mystic Rods
  I have been fly fishing for almost 25 years and I primarily used dry flies. I have landed some nice fish but was looking for something different. I knew Dave and decided to ask him what to use and he suggested trying  some wet flies. I have to say at first I was wondering just how well the flies would work and let me be the first to say that the flies were awesome! I actually landed my biggest brownie ever with these flies! I want to say that the quality of the flies and the knowledge that Dave has is fantastic! If you want to try something different I suggest speaking with Dave and you to will be hooked on wet flies!!  

Brian Dukery
Salix, PA
  I spent a day wet fly fishing and had a great time. This was the first time I used wet flies and they were very productive. I was impressed with the number of trout in the streams. I also learned a lot about fly fishing. This was best trout fishing I have experienced.
Thank you
Derek Maziarz
Butler, PA   
  After almost 50 years of fly fishing, which consisted mainly of the dry flies, nymphs and Steamers, I will now embrace this new system, which will definitely  make you a fish catching machine.  If you wish to add a new wrinkle to your fly fishing arsenal, then book a trip with these two fine individuals. They go out of their way to make your trip a wonderful experience. I am willing to bet , no matter what level of fly fisher you are, that you will not only increase your trout catching abilities, but also learn a great deal about nature and entomology as well. The areas that you will visit and the scenery you will see, is as beautiful as anywhere in this great country. If you wish to speak to me personally as to my experience with the Wet Fly Water Guides, contact either Dave or George and they have my permission to give you my number. That is how much I think of them and their product.
Dennis DiBonaventura
  This past May I had the opportunity to film and fish with Wet Fly Water Guides in north central PA.  I expressed my wish to Dave and George to tackle some Wild Trout and my wish was their obsession.  Dave and George took me to some wonderful wild trout waters that were a true test of patience and skill.  Although the trout were quick and non forgiving, we managed dozens of fish in our two day trip.  Dave and George’s expertise in fly selection and strategic casting locations led me to  two amazing days of native Brooks and Browns.  The weekend was highlighted with a 16” Native Brown and a 10” Brookie that dazzled all of us.  My next trip we will take the Wet Fly route!

                 Joe Rossi
Joe’s Wildside Adventures
  I had the good fortune this May to spend a truly productive "learning day" on the Little Juniata with Dave. Although conditions were difficult at best, with very few rising or actively feeding fish, Dave's careful and patient instruction in his style of wet fly fishing brought more than a few trout to hand, most memorably the beautifully marked brown in the photo. Dave and I covered a good bit of water on the river, moving to spots Dave felt might have better opportunities. In this regard Dave is unlike many guides who are content to put their clients in one location and hoping for the best. Dave likes to keep moving and cover as much productive water as possible. I truly thank Dave for showing me stretches of the "J" that I was unaware of and teaching me his style of rigging the wet fly cast and presenting it effectively in many different water types. I have been fly fishing for most of my years now and Dave has graciously added a new dimension to my on stream experience. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, Dave has tactics and techniques to teach you, and you will experience a memorable day on the water.

John Carson
First thank you guys for a great time.  Just a lot of fun and good fishing was had by the four of us from Delco/Manning TU.  The cabin was on the banks of Kettle Creek.  Beautiful water, lots od drakes and BWOs and 2 great teachersof the wet fly system that help round out my fly fishing skills.  WOW!!!  Now there is no reason for not catching fish.

Thanks again
Brian Mac Elroy
Thanks, Dave, for your hospitality and for teaching me a few things on the water. I'd like to fish with you again -- no work next time, just fishing.

On Saturday I was on Cool Springs Creek dropping dry flies over a couple of very active trout that were picking caddis off the surface. My fly may have been too big -- hits all around but I couldn't get them to take mine. Then I thought of your emerger techniques. I pulled the fly under the surface, let it drift and saw a couple of passes, then -- BAM! -- had one on and lost it. A few minutes later I hooked and landed the other. For whatever reason, they were leary of my fly on the surface, but were turned on when I fished it like a wet fly. Thanks for the good advice -- hope to see you soon. 
Best wishes,
John Hayes
Outdoors Editor Pittsburgh Post Gazette
I am a member of Main Line Flytyers in Pa. You spoke in front of our group a couple of weeks ago, and I bought several of your sink tips and leaders and a video.  I just wanted to let you know that I used your system the other day for the first time on a "Limestone" with wild browns that's near my home.  I'm not sure if it was one of those days, or your system.  But I had the best day of fishing on that stream in 15 years. 10 fish landed in 2 1/2 hours.  Needless to say, I'm sold on your system. And will be buying more of your leaders, flies, and videos.

Bill Dieckhaus
I would like to thank Dave for an incredible wet-fly experience.  On April 29th, I had the privilege to spend the day learning the lost art of fly fishing with wets.  For 15+ years I have primarily resorted to the use of nymphs in just about all situations.  However, after spending the day fishing only wet flys, I was amazed by the number of “grabs” we had.  Dave’s knowledge of this style of fishing and his ability to match the hatch was remarkable.  It is my opinion that no matter your skill level or preferred method of fishing, you can learn a lot from Dave and his experiences by spending a day with him.

Brian Skoff
Valley Forge,Pa
"If you're looking for beautiful fishing water in gorgeous countryside, patient, detailed instruction on an exciting wet fly fishing technique by its creator, and lots of fish-on action, book a trip with Wet Fly WaterGuides!  Dave Allbaugh will deliver on all counts!  Dave knows the productive riffles and holes in so many streams in North Central PA, that he could take me to four or five every day, showing me his techniques, coaching while I learned them, and getting well versed on the use of his specialty tackle.  I saw and fished so many different kinds of water that I feel like I just completed a post-grad course in Fly Fishing!  Dave's wet fly fishing technique will be a mainstay for the rest of my life!  He's passionate about it and eager to share it with his clients.  This was my first experience with a cutting edge innovator in the sport of fishing, and I am thoroughly impressed.  I'll definitely be back.  (And did I mention Dave's focus on client satisfaction?  Not just with respect to fishing, but the other finer things in life as well - like good food!)  Thanks, Dave, for a great experience!"
Curt Nelson
Colonel (Ret'd) USAF
Xenia, OH
"Wet fly fishing is an enjoyable and effective method of trout fishing.  Dave Allbaugh epitomizes the Wet Fly Waterguides motto of "specializing in the classic art of wet fly fishing" and adds innovative lines, leaders, flies and tactics."
Bill May
Outdoor Writer
Carroll County Times
Ellicott City, MD
Dave provided a most enjoyable fishing experience. I had not done any fly fishing for quite awhile and was a little rusty with my casting. Dave provided suggestions on technique and showed great patience with my snags. We fished some beautiful  streams and caught some nice native browns. During the entire trip Dave gave me unlimited personal attention, making the fishing very rewarding. We covered quite a bit of water, with Dave not hesitating to change flies to keep the action going steadily. I must say that you get your money's worth out of Dave in that he will stay on the stream as long as you want to keep fishing.

His wet fly technique represents a very effective way of fly fishing. I am now a disciple of his methods. They work! What is really nice, though, is to have Dave on the stream with you as you use the method. I don't think that just reading about his techniques gives you the best feel for this kind of fishing. Having him there instructing you on the presentation made a big difference for me. I don't know what Dave could have done to make the trip more enjoyable!

George Walz
If you want a good day fishing on Spring Creek, spend it with Dave.  He is congenial, knowledgeable and patient.  I experienced one of those on a very hot day in early July.  There was wows over big fish and a lot of laughs over missed ones.  And I had quite a few of both. I have been tying and fishing wet and soft hackle flies for some time.  I engaged Dave to learn his secrets which he gave up without a struggle.  If you are into counting fish do not go with Dave.  He is into fishing with catching being a bonus.  He put me on the fish albeit some were less than mentionable with some way above average. When you go out with Dave make sure he shows you some of the more scenic parts of the Creek.  Such as, a lovely stretch nestled gently between a rail yard and the sewage treatment plant.  If you do not look to the right or left it is beautiful and holds some great fish. I am looking forward to returning to the area and fishing other local rivers with Dave.

Byron Rall
Norwalk, CT.

Thanks again for a great trip to Spring Creek. I got out on the water and started catching fish right away! Caught 6 (and missed as many more!) in the first two hours, all about the same average size on that stretch of water in the alley we didn't get to the night before. Your dark hares ear was a killer, got 5 of them on that one fly, one on the dropper. Had a ball!  Spring Creek will be an annual trip for me.
Take care.
 Curt Nelson
Dave Allbaugh of Wet Fly Waterguides was my personal wet fly instructor and fishing guide for three days in early May 2011. He provided lodging and transportation, cooked all meals for me, took me to the best parts of the best streams, taught me how to wet fly fish, and even instructed me where specifically to drop my line. I caught more fish than I have ever caught with dry flies, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I look forward to the next trip with Dave. Having him as a one-on-one guide for three days was certainly worth the fee. I learned a great deal and had a wonderful time.

Bud Cherefko

 Just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for your time on the river.  My family and I have been trying to crack the code on Northeast fly fishing for some time, and with your help we've
definitely accomplished that.  I have never had as much action on that line as we did that day.  Your style and approach is fantastic --- I'll never fish a different way again.  Thanks again.

All the best,
Chad Nelson

 You took two guys who never fished with your technique of wet fly
fishing, placed us into fish holding water, enthusiastically shared
your wet fly techniques and we caught fish. Two days of wet fly
fishing and a few hours of dry fly fishing with an accommodating
guide, bringing mostly rainbows, a few brookies, and a brown to the
net....what more can one ask for. Thanks for a very enjoyable
experience and we will be back.

Dick Milaszewski

  Spent the better part of three days with Dave Allbaugh of Wet Fly
Waterguides and had a lot of laughes and learned a lot about wet fly
fishing, a little a frustrating at times, but over overall a very
enjoyable trip with some nice fish caught.

Larry Downey
 Just wanted to let you guys know about my first session using your
wetfly system.  Went to Penns late afternoon, caught 9 trout, brook,
brown and rainbow (one big) and a smallie. Quit at 7 PM when the
welded loop on the end of my line broke or would have caught more.
Using an Orvis power taper which is a half size larger and it threw my
wets well. Can throw more but found I'm most comfortable for now with
30-40', don't have to mend as much. I do intend to buy an intermediate
line soon.
 The picket pin ruled supreme, 7 of the 9 with one on a leadwing on
one on your darker "secret fly".  The slaters were hatching and maybe
that's what they took the picket for since they liked it jigged.
 Your system is working for me, I really had a ball and will be doing
a lot more of it. Might even leave the dry flies home next time!
Thanks again for teaching me.

Take care,

Tom Strausbaugh
My wife and I had a great day with Dave and learned a lot with the
extra bonus of catching plenty of native brown trout. My wife
especially appreciated Dave's patience and he had her casting and
catching fish in a very short period of time. We would recommend his
guided trip and fishing method to anyone.

Bruce and Patty Colbert
  If you want to try something new, consider wetfly fishing. A guided
trip with Dave will open horizons to techniques to give confidence to
use this lost art.  The full day I had was packed. Dave dedicated his
time entirely to teaching, correcting technique errors and providing
as full assistance as any guide I've been with. You'll learn about the
flies, the trout's selectivity to them,  the unique rigging, the
fishing technique, (and what not to do!!!).  Disregard the prevailing
information on wets- they are wrong in fishing these flies . The
streams were great & the fish challengly catchable, (the "double" I
had was a hoot & I hooked into 2 of my best trout in years).  I now
have something "different" to show the trout on my home water.
But---how I miss Pennsylvania.

Jon Forman,

 Just wanted to thank you and Todd for a great time at the seminar on
June 11th.It was great fun and very informative. I finally had a
chance to make out onto the Gunpowder, where I normally fish, and your
techniques worked great. I brought 12 fish to hand and either lost or
missed the hook set on the same amount. One of the catches was a
double, which I can say has never happened nymphing. I also was able
to hook a couple of fish in a section that I have never had success

Thanks again for everything.

David  Bayne

  I justed wanted to again thank you for a very informative and
productive guided trip that you provided for my wife Nancy and me.
Not knowing the streams of State College area, it was quite hard
knowing where to go to fish.  Your expertise took that worry out of
our trip.  After giving instruction about the proper techniques to use
to fish with wet flies, you carefully watched as I began working the
shorelines in the Little Juniata.  Later in the day when you
instructed my wife, you took your time and taught her the proper
techniques as well.

Thanks again for a most enjoyable experience,

Dan & Nancy Wanser
Middletown, NY
Are you frustrated with your current level of fly fishing? Maybe you
might just be looking for a new old dimension of fly fishing
techniques. If this is so, please contact Dave Allbaugh at Wet Fly
Waterguides for proper on the stream instruction. You will not be
disappointed! Dave just wanted to thank you again for your help and
patience last week on Spring Cr and the Little J. You are the best at
what you do.

Ray Kucera
Johnstown, PA
  I found Dave by chance while planning a fishing trip with my 19 year old son.  He perfers fly fishing while I at age 67 with one blind eye & arthritic knees, like boat or shore fishing. Nevertheless I gave in & began an internet shearch for a good guide.  since we were new to the sport I opted for instructional on stream outing.  I was impressed with the testimonals on Dave's web site & by the fact that he uses the wet fly technique. (one that was new to us)  Frankly, I did not have very high expectations giving my disappointing experiences on previous guides. I had even lower expectations when the weather changed drastically from hot to cold after a few daw of rain just prior to our scheduled outing.  Then Dave told us we would be fishing Spring Creek because of bad conditions elsewhere.  Great, two newbies fishing for wild, wary trout in clear warer on a bitter cold day.  (Oh, did I mention the wind kicked up too)  To make a long story short this turned out to be the best fly fishing experience we have ever had.  My son & I caught 9 fish & had a great many solid grabs.Dave is one of the most principled, talented & dedicated people I have ever met (guide or not).  He gives his clients his total attention.  He is an exceptional instructor & taught the basics of wet fly fishnig throughtout the day.  He is also very knowledgeable  He will work & work to get you on fish by moving to new sites & changing flies as often as needed. (something many guides I dealt with failed to do) Dave is also patient & caring.  Lets face it, giving my age & health issues I am less than an ideal client.  Yet he was there to make sure I was safe & supported while somehow giving equal attention to my son.  
In the end I view a successful  outing as one that is educational,  fun & productive: i.e. laugh, learn & catch fish.  Dave provided all of these, & oh ya great food too!  Thanks Dave for a good time, we will be back.

      Matt & Rich Danilchak,  Greensburg, PA
   I just want to say thanks again for the best day of fly fishing I have ever experienced!  Dave recently took me on a guided trip to spring creek and what I experienced there was one for the record books!  When we arrived there we walked down to the creek and took a few minutes to check the flow and hatches.  We saw a few trout working the top and there were caddis flies on the water.  Dave told me that the flow was just right and that caddis fly we saw, well he had the perfect tie.  I have been fly fishing for nine years and I always thought I had a pretty good idea of how to fish a stretch of water.  Dave's knowledge of the creek and fishing wet flies was more than impressive. He knew where the fish layed and how to present the fly in order to get a grab.  He shared with me great casting techniques and different ways to entice trout that are working in the water.  I ended up landing twenty-two beautiful wild brown trout.  I lost over ten and had six other grabs.  Every time I hooked a fish I would look up at Dave and he would just smile. It was like fishing with a good friend.  For those few hours Dave had me on the creek, I forgot all about life's little problems and just enjoyed the sport of fly fishing.  To me that's what fishing is all about.  As for that squirrel hot spot we talked about, I guess I owe Dave some directions!!!! 
                            Thanks again,                                                                                             Luke Byrne
   We first met Dave 4 years ago at a seminar that he gave for the Forbes Trail TU Chapter.  We were intrigued by the "old fashioned" way of fly fishing and signed up for a trip.  We have fished with Dave every year since and are always amazed at how productive his methods are. Dave always puts us on great water and it's a little bit different each trip.  He is a very knowledgeable, attentive, and hard working guide.  His day is over when we say we have had enough and he never wants to quit. It's always an enjoyable day on the water with the Wet Fly Waterguides.  We'll be back ! 
      Dave Assard and Art Caramella
     Had the great pleasure of taking a guided trip with Dave Allbaugh of Wet Fly Waterguides and my father earlier in the week on Spring Creek in Bellefonte, PA. The fishing was spectacular, the Sulphur's and Caddis's were plentiful and the water was beautiful. We fished about 4 or 5 different sections and slayed all up and down the "Crik" as Dave would call it. He really is an awesome guide, putting my dad, a rank amateur on tons of fish and showed us so much water I would have never found if I just went up blind and tried to wing it. His knowledge of Spring Creek is crazy, it seems like he has the entire thing memorized from every hole, overhanging branch, rock or bend in the stream and that's just one stream in his arsenal. 
     If you like to fish wet flies or want a really good introduction to wet fly fishing, do yourself a favor and give Dave a call. I endorse him whole heartily and highly highly recommend fishing with him. I'll go up again in a heart beat.
Dave Budniakiewicz
Great Feathers Fly Shop (Sparks, MD
    Just wanted to say thanks again for a great day on Spring Creek. The knowledge that was gained is just what I was looking for. What you posses is a craft in the art of wet fly fishing. As I mentioned to you my Dad was a wet fly fisherman himself. Before he pasted away he had showed me the basics of fishing with wet flies, but at the time I wanted to catch fish how ever I could. As time went on I learned to tie my own flies and now I want to follow in my Dad's footsteps and master the art of fishing wet flies. I could not have chosen a better teacher in you. I could sense the passion you have for this art. I will keep you posted as I apply what I learned from you and will be booking another trip in the near future.
Thank you again,
Jeff Link
    When Dave Allbaugh picked us up at 6:30 AM on the dot, I thought, "I hope his fishing skills are as precise as his wristwatch."  They were.  I'd been fly fishing for nearly 25 years, and had never caught a trout on a wet fly ... a shortcoming Dave corrected in the first five casts.  In short, what Dave Allbaugh doesn't know about wet fly fishing in central PA streams doesn't matter; and what he does know would fill a book.   So Dave: Why don't you write one?  I'll buy the first copy.
Steve Alber
   Being a western fly fisherman from Houston,TX Central PA and Spring Creek was going to be a new experience.  My friend had set up the wet fly fishing day with Dave and I had no knowledge of wet fly fishing or the stream.  At 6:30 am I am not very sharp and Dave acommodated with my idea of a quick breakfast and that is where the "education" began.  In a very short time I realized that Dave knew things that I had never heard of and that trend continued throughout the day.... building a technique of wet fly fishing.
   Wet fly fishing under Dave's tutelage was a great experience, a whole new world of fly fishing and just a great day.  His patience and leadership with this inept person trying to cast a nine foot leader with three dangling flies on a small stream was very comforting and after lunch I "bothered him" very few times.... Super Instruction with a laid-back style.
And, Yes, I nailed some nice Browns to make it a complete day !!

Really enjoyed the day, Thanks,
Frank Smith
  I have fished with guides in Alaska,New Zealand, Montana, Colorado, Michigan, Wyoming, and New York.  I spent time with Dave Allbaugh this week with my 79 year old father.  Dave did an amazing job instructing us in 'Wet fly" fishing.  His enthusiasm, energy level and knowledge of fishing would rank him among the best guides I have ever used.  In addition to giving us insight on techniques, he also gave dad some great tips on using a wading staff, giving dad the incentive to fish "at least another 10 years"!  We fished Kettle and also Cross Fork Creek for wild trout and Dave did an great job putting fish on our lines.  He shared his secrets of fishing with us and had no hesitation in taking us to his "honey holes"  His cabin was clean with a hot shower and comfortable beds and the meals were great.  His guide day ends when you are done fishing, not according to a watch!  We had two great evenings that ended well into darkness.  I can't wait to get back on my home waters to try out the new techniques.  I will be looking at using Dave for some customer outings in the future. 
Kerry Sabo
     As a "Newbie" at fly fishing I must say the day spent with you on Spring Creek was a great experience. Your knowledge, patients and dedication to me as a "Senior" was outstanding. The techniques given that day were priceless. Now all I have to do is remember and practice them. If you are a "beginner" or and old "pro" I highly recommend Dave. Thanks Dave for a great day on Spring Creek.
Andy Kaza

   I just wanted to thank you very much for the great trip.  Both Eric and I learned a lot and had a great time in spite of the rain (although I did need Advil afterwards!). Great fishing- nothing like catching wild fish!  Learned a lot and hope to return.  Dave is one of the top guides I have fished with!!!
Jim Gavacs 
    Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful three days of wild trout fishing and all those yummy dinners. I appreciated seeing and fishing some new sections on Young Woman's Creek. It was really good fishing and not perfect weather either. I will look forward to another trip to my dear Potter County next year. Many thanks for everything Dave.
Eleanor Peterson
   My girlfriend and myself have fished with Dave two times now. Last year was instructional because neither of us had fished the way Dave teaches. The learning experience was really good. This year we went again with a bit of experience under our belts. Dave was super helpful again and under tough fishing conditions (colder water than usual and very sparse insect activity) he got both of us into active fish. We tried many different spots on the Little Juniata River with action all day. All told, we both had a very successful fishing experience using Dave's wetfly fishing tools. Thank you Dave.
Tom Kelly
   The wet fly method definitely produces fish,as it was the most successful day of my trip when you guided me for the day. But it sure is hard passing up those rising fish when those sulphurs are on. I learned a lot fishing with you,both where I need to improve my techniques and also where the good access areas to the J. I will most definitely be tying on your leader and some wet flies in the future. Thank you for a good trip.
Rick Hurni
   I just spent two Fantastic days fishing the streams of PA with my Guide Dave Allbaugh of WetFly Waterguides. After 55  years of intense flyfishing (mostly nymphs) I can honestly say that May 14 & 15, 2013 were two of the BEST days I ever had on ANY river. Under less than ideal conditions Dave had me over fish from sun-up till sun-down. Dave knows every inch of the rivers he uses and when and why to be where he takes you. He will teach you how to fish wet flies and take selective, finicky Brown Trout that you DON'T believe will take wet flies. Believe it I did it with Dave!! I don't think Dave owns a watch, if so he doesn't look at it. You will fish until YOU are finished! I have hired many guides from Maine to Montana and have NEVER encountered a guide with the enthusiasm that Dave brings to the outing. Those two days were by far the best guiding I have ever experienced. If you are a novice Dave will treat you like a King. If you are an expert you will be impressed by his knowledge. Guy or Gal you will have a great time on the water with Dave. He is knowledgable and extremely patient with his clients. If there were a Guide University ( and there should be) Dave would be well qualified to be the Dean, he is the Very Best of the Best. If you have a guides license book a day with Dave and learn how to treat a client!! I spent just a few hours with Dave before I stopped feeling that he was my guide to believing that he was my good friend. That's Dave's style. Forget about that $750.00 rod and book a day or two on the water with Dave Allbaugh, it will be the best fly-fishing investment you will ever make and what he teaches you will bring you YEARS of fun and teach you a new (forgotten) way of fishing.  After your first trip with Dave you will look forward to more time on the water with him, I know I am!!
Bob Tyzik
New York
Thank you for your thoroughly professional guiding the day I fished with you. My goals were to learn more about the wet fly fishing technique and to become more familiar with the Little J. I did accomplish both with your help. Again thank you for a great trip.
Tom Pipic
Powell, OH
  Thank you for forwarding the pictures to Bill and me. Bill and I enjoyed our day on the LJ. Most of my fishing is nymphing but I'm sure I will try more wet fly fishing. I actually have a box full of soft hackle flies and I need to put them to use. Again thanks for the great trip.
 Best regards,
Bruce DeWoody
Thank you very much for the great trip on the Little J. We had great time fishing for wild trout (and wading). You did a great job guiding and putting us onto fish. We appreciate the long day you spent with us and I look forward to fishing with you next year.
Bill Karl,
Columbus, Ohio
Dave Allbaugh guided me for a half-day trip wet fly fishing on Spring Creek.  If I had to pick a single word to describe Dave as a guide it would be, "professional."  He is extremely knowledgeable about the streams he guides on and he is an excellent teacher of (and apostle for) wet fly fishing.
Thanks Again,
Paul Bugos

Just dropping you a line to let you know that I was fishing on Spring Creek down stream from Bellefonte on Wednesday evening and caught my first doubles. I remember you talking about catching two fish at the same time, and I never thought I would be lucky enough to have it happen to me. Thanks for your patience and instruction over the years. 
Rodney Schaffer
Thanks again for the great day of fishing last Sunday!  It was a real education for me.  I gained a new appreciation for fishing with wet flies, learned some new techniques, and caught some good fish.  I'm looking forward to trying out these wet fly techniques in my home waters this summer.  Look forward to fishing with you again!
Jim Bigus

I want to thank you for the great day of fishing on the Little J. Thanks for all your patience with me and the great instruction of explaining your method of wet fly fishing. I will not forget ROD DOWN. I will be tying some of your patterns and putting to practice your methods. I do believe this will be a great way to truly enjoy fly fishing.
I would suggest to anyone wanting to learn how to fish wets spend at least a day on the stream with you.This is a great method to add to your other methods of fly fishing. I hope we get a chance to meet again.

Ron Garhart
Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day on Spring Cr. Your knowledge of the stream and techniques,your patience and assistance with fishing made for a great day. Wet fly fishing gets the job done. It is now my new "secret weapon" for trout fishing. Looking forward to fishing with you again. Thanks for an enjoyable day.
Ron Swedar
Kudos to Dave Allbaugh and Wet Fly Waterguides for a great day of wet fly fishing for trout.  A very personable guide, Dave  knows where to find the fish and provides friendly, expert advice on wet fly presentation and casting techniques.  Thanks to Dave, we netted several nice browns and rainbows.  For wet fly fishing for Pennsylvania trout at its best, look no further than Dave Allbaugh and Wet Fly Waterguides!!  
Ray Lester
Centreville Virginia
 On a recent weekend I met my eldest daughter in the State College area. Dave Allbaugh taught us new skills(more traditional wet fly fishing), showed us beautiful places to fish(classic spring creeks and free stone streams), and on top of all that helped us catch a bunch of beautiful trout.  Dave is a gentleman that hits on all eight cylinders of a guide’s craft -  knowledge of the streams and rivers, insect life and equipment, and is a delight to spend time with. Look him up. Dave, once again thank you for a great weekend.
Jay Carter
I went fishing with Dave and my father in mid-August.  I am a beginner, while my father is an experienced flyfisherman - and Dave was great with both of us!  I learned so much and with his guidance, caught some beautiful fish.  Dave was very good at giving me pointers on form and strategy, without being overbearing, which  is great for a beginner!  He was so knowledgeable about the countryside, which was a great addition to our trip.  I highly recommend Dave and Wet Fly Waterguides if you are in PA and looking to do some wet fly fishing!!
Megan Carter
Boston, Mass
I just wanted to let you know what a great time Jeff and I had fishing with you last weekend. You truly made the trip one I'll remember for along time. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around Spring Cr and the Little Juniata and for getting us to where the fish were. After the first hour or two I felt like you were an old fishin buddy that I had known for many years (not someone that I had just met). You were very personable and easy to talk with, which really made for a terrific weekend. Thanks again for all of your help and for a great trip. Hope to see you again.
Tom Dobson
Philadelphia, Pa 
Hey Dave,
     You probably won't remember me, but I talked to you at the fly fishing show about fishing spring creek with wet flies. I have used the wet flies I bought from you and I have been having a lot of luck. I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and show you some of the pictures.

Happy Fishing,
Stephen Foell
I just returned from a day with Dave Allbaugh of Wet fly Waterguides. I was impressed by Dave’s knowledge of the area and the streams, and his passion for the lost art of wet fly fishing, but it is Dave himself who will bring me back. We spent 15 hours on the water with Dave and had an amazing time. I really felt like I was out with an old friend, in fact I’m still saying , “that’s a good looking riff,” as though he were here, egging me on. Since I got home, I’ve spent hours tying wet flies in advance of my next trip. I can’t wait to get back and fish with Dave again, both for the information and for the camaraderie.

Brian Hammerle
Amissville, VA
I just returned from my second trip with Dave Allbaugh of Wet Fly Waterguides.  I initially took the on stream instruction guide trip with him and enjoyed it so much I signed up for his three day North Central trip. Well, long story short, it was as the saying goes,“dejevu all over again”except times three. Dave was as professional, patient, outgoing ,and fun over an extended period as he is during a one day trip. To begin ,you stay in a nice clean camper near the stream. Dave also provides all the food, not just sandwiches but delicious, full course, cooked meals.
      Then of course there is the fishing. As has been noted before, Dave knows every inch of the waters you will wade and teaches the techniques to make you successful. The guy could write a book, maybe two or three. He is also a great angler and more importantly an exceptional teacher. You will learn how to swing wets and catch fish.  Dave is one of the most principled people I know,guide or not. He has a philosophy he adheres to that is based on complete customer satisfaction. And believe me, he does walk the walk.  He goes out of his way to design a trip that matches your individual strengths and needs.
     Take me for instance. I am 69 years old with one blind eye , a relatively recent knee replacement, and  only reasonably good balance. Yet Dave not only agreed to guide me but made sure that I was able to wade and fish safely and effectively by choosing appropriate access routes and stream crossings. On the stream Dave is the ultimate guide. He practices full immersion guiding. You will fish till deep dusk.
     Dave himself does not fish at all while guiding. He does not even carry a rod. His time and attention are entirely focused  on you [“ cast  at a 45,  mend ,mend ,mend, tip down, let it swing thru “ right Dave?]  After you get back to camp, sit around, and enjoy the evening with a guy you swear you have known for years. Have a soda or beer and talk about ,that’s right, fly fishing. Thanks Dave for another great adventure. See you again  next year.

Rich Danilchak

Thanks again for an awesome day today. I appreciate you showing me the ropes to wet fly fishing and hooking me up with that brown! Thanks so much again.



Thanks for another great day of instruction and companionship on the J. It felt really good to have you reinforce what you offered last spring. I was happy to see that Teddy spend the day after our trip with his wetfly setup as per Dave Allbaugh. No rising fish but Teddy ended up with the hot hand and took maybe a half-dozen on wets at dusk……great to see….

Best Regards,


  Thank you for guiding me on May 7 on the Little Juniata. I had a great time and caught some nice fish and missed some. Could not believe how vicious some of those hits were. You are a true
professional guide as well as a down to earth person. Thanks for all the knowledge. Also thank you for making the booking of this trip so easy. Looking for a guided trip in the fall.

Richard Taylor
Tyrone, Pa.

  The leader worked. I fished the Slate Run area of Pine Creek. Tomb flats. In the morning I locked into this bruiser. Caught on a size 14
olive soft hackle, olive body, orange thorax with burnt hen orange hackle. And you were right that fish hit the droppers, because that
fly was my first dropper!
  Biggest brown trout I have ever taken from a stream. I suspect that this brown was from the Slate Run tackle shop “German Brown Club but me and my buddies looked it over and didn’t see any clipped fins. The take was insane! Took me into the backing immediately, I knew it was a trophy class fish.

Thanks again.
 Matt Collins
  A friend and I just got back from a three day North Central trip which we took in the First Fork, Kettle Creek and a wild trout stream. We did the wet fly fishing on the First Fork and Kettle and fished dry flies on a wild trout stream. It was our second trip with Dave as we did Spring Creek last year.
  Dave advertises these trips as teaching experiences ” with the lost art of wet fly fishing” but they are much more than that. Dave”s knowledge of the streams, fly fishing and technique are second to none. If there were a PHD in this field he would have it. As an instructor, his patience, willingness and ability to convey his knowledge to his clients and share the fishing experiences and stories
make one really feel they are part of the camp and fishing family.
  In addition, Dave is most accommodating to your particular needs. If you need a break, hungry, tired or retiring for the day, he will see that you enjoy and get the most out of your trip. We never felt rushed. We thoroughly enjoyed both of our trips but I have to say the northern trip was an experience that brought back memories of years ago when families went to camp and fished,hunted and told stories and enjoyed the serenity that only a trip like this can bring.
  We would highly recommend a day trip to learn or a three day trip to the North where the country is beautiful and the streams run between mountains that go straight up. I’m sure we will be seeing you again and thank you very much!

Jeffrey Thomas
VP of Sales
Putnam Truckload Direct
 Just returned from my annual multi-day Central PA. fishing trip
guided by Dave Allbaugh. This is my third straight season with Dave
and it just keeps getting better and better. Dave re-introduced me 3
years ago to my childhood method of Wet Fly Fishing, utilizing his
updated tactics and modernized hatch matching patterns and combining
them with his intimate and excellent stream knowledge to insure
OUTSTANDING days on the rivers.
  With not much insect activity and probably at least a dozen
other fly fisherman catching NOTHING. Dave had the tactics and
coaching necessary to allow me to catch dozens of large fighting wild
brown trout each and every day. All this from heavily fished waters
where the vast majority of anglers caught naught. Dave continues to
outdo himself every time I show up.
  A day with Dave is one of my great trout fishing investments!
After 50+ years of experience and spending many hours with some of the
sports most famous authors and anglers I can attest that Dave Allbaugh
is at the pinnacle of the sport. The best guide I have EVER
encountered anywhere!
  Do yourself a huge favor and treat yourself to a trip with Dave.
I guarantee you will give yourself a gift you won't soon forget, and
learn an old method with new twists that will have you catching more
fish than you ever have with any other method. Why do you think so
many anglers use wet flies for salmon, steelhead and large brown
trout, because the method is deadly!!! Let Dave bring you up to speed.

P.S just don't try to book my 2016, 17,18 dates with Dave.

Tight Lines,
Bob Tyzik

  I had a blast and hope we can meet up again to have some fun
just fishin together. As for the emails, let's just say I'm workin
this weekend. Oh well it was well worth it. That leaping Brownie &
Potbellied Bow will not soon be forgotten. The techniques work and
your knowledge and ability to share it made it special. THX!

Doug Bear
Regional Business Manager
The Orvis Company Inc.
We just returned from a 2 and one half day trip fishing with Dave
in North Central Pa. We had a great time fishing in two different
watersheds in multiple locations on each stream. Dave was able to put
us on fish in a multitude of locations. His knowledge of the waters
and his entomological expertise of the streams are superb. He was the
consummate professional but also witty enthusiastic and very
accommodating. Despite the fact that my best friend and I have a wide
array of physical limitations he was able to assist us and choose
locations that were suitable for our capabilities of wading thanks to
our pre-trip information that we provided him with. The lost art and
very seldom used art of wet fly fishing are alive and well in the
hands of this consummate professional. I am already anticipating a
return trip for next year!!!!!!

Thank you Dave for a great time!

Kevin & Tom
  "I met Dave at the Lancaster Fly Fishing show and was intrigued
by his "wet fly" niche. I'm relatively new to fly fishing and wanted
to learn wet fly techniques and expand my knowledge of Penns Creek. I
met Dave at 5:30 AM at the creek and we did not return to the cars
until 9:00 PM. Time flies when you're having fun. Dave was very
patient with his instruction and answering questions. Many fish were
caught but more importantly I have the knowledge of a new (to me)
technique that I applied successfully the next two days at two
different streams. Dave's methods work!!"
  Saturday I fished Spring Creek at McCoy's Dam. I only fished 3
hours but landed 4 fish and missed several other. Sunday I went to the
Tulpehauken in Reading, fished from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, caught 4 and
missed a few. There were four other guys fishing near me and no one
else was catching anything. I'm sold!!

Thanks again Dave!!

Andrew Greiner, CPCU, CIC
Business Risk Manager
Several years ago, Dave’s wet fly presentation to our Forbes Trail TU chapter inspired me to hire him for a guided trip. A friend and I had an excellent experience on the Little J. We learned the wet fly method of casting a custom leader with three flies. Rarely have I have fished with three flies. Surprisingly, we had no hang ups the entire day. I noticed his fly boxes contained simple fly patterns with no fancy materials or bead heads. Dave’s a purist when it comes to schooling you on this old method. He willingly shared his expertise with us. If you want another tool for catching trout, his wet fly method will add to your experience and enjoyment. 

Thanks Dave
for a great trip to Central PA.

Bob Shusko
I recently had the experience of working with Dave Allbaugh on the water to develop some wet fly fishing techniques which were new to me. He was a very thoughtful and patient teacher. And we caught fish. I strongly recommend Dave to anyone wanting to build their repertoire of fly fishing techniques in wet fly work, plus he is an excellent all around fisherman and good companion on the water.

Fred Moy
New York