Dave was very interesting and knowledgeable on wetfly fishing and how to tie wet flies. 

Dave Yoder
Life Scout Boy Scout troop 2114
Davidsville, PA
Dave was very knowledgeable with his tactics of fishing with wetflies, I can't wait until he comes back to show us how to cast!

Ryan Yoder
Second Class Boy Scout  Troop 114
Davidsville, PA 
      Wet Fly Waterguides offers a presentation on the fundamentals of wet fly fishing for groups and organizations. The presentation will consist of some video and still shots of the waters that I fish on in North Central Pennsylvania and in Central Pennsylvania. I will also talk about equipment, tactics and flies to help you become a successful wet fly angler.
 PRICE:  $ 200.00 plus Expenses (Gas, Tolls)
For  more  information on available  dates  please  contact  us  at:
   Call  Us  at  814-322-4755
Cumberland Valley T U  

   The Cumberland Valley TU group really  enjoyed the presentation on your wet fly  system at our member's meeting.
Having  some "hardware" there in the form of rods,  leaders and flies was a nice change from just looking at a slide show.  Everyone is on the  lookout for a different way to fish. It is just fun  to try some different things once in a while!

Tom Baltz
Cumberland Valley TU
Dave & George,
Thanks for coming down to the CVTU meeting  in April. I think all enjoyed and many are  excited to try your methods. I bought your DVDs last year at Heritage Day in  Boiling Springs and a few doubledrop  leaders from you a few weeks ago. Last night I fished this method with some of  your flies for the first time in some slightly high  water on the Yellow Breeches with some  wonderful results (you are right, the hits are explosive!). The only reason I stopped  catching fish is that it was almost dark and my  last hit resulted in me yanking so hard that I  missed the fish but caught the tree branch  behind me (I'm sure you've been there!).

        Take Care
    Andre Faranov
Cumberland Valley TU
Firelands Fly Fishers 

   Thanks  so  much  for  making  the  trip  to  Ohio.  Everyone  that  I've  talked  to  had  great reviews  on  your  presentation.  I  will  be  talking  to  the  North  Coast  club  members  this  week and  I  will  surely  pass  along  how happy  we  were  with  your  visit.  Thanks  for  hooking  up  with our  club.  Hope  to  get  something  going  with  you  guys  in  the  spring.

Ken Sink  TU

  “Hey  Dave  &  George,  just  wanted  to  thank  you  again  for  the  great  seminar  you  put  on for  our
chapter.  You  showed  us  all  some  great  tactics  and  demonstrated  how  knowledgeable  you  are
wet  fly  fishing.  I  can  only  hope  that  I  can  put   it   to  practice  A.S.A.P..  This  style  of  trout  fishing
 it  not  only  unique,  but  very  efficient.  Fishing  with  you   guys  is  like   fishing  with  old  fishing
buddies.  Thanks   for  the  laughs.”

Dan  Cardellino,  President
Ken Sink Chapter of  T U
Delco Manning TU 

  I really enjoyed your presentation at Delco Manning TU on Tuesday October 7th 2008. I purchased both  your DVDs.
I will try your system soon. I am sure they will be productive on the Yellow  Breeches a trip I am going on in the near future.

Dennis DiBonaventura
Delco Manning TU
Davidsville Boy Scouts Troup 2114
Main Line Flytyers

  Thank you for your presentation of wet fly fishing and tying to the Philipsburg-Osceola Fly Fishing Club. Your expertise and teaching style had the full attention of the students who attended. I was told by a student member during the next school week that it was "awesome". The students want to start tying wet flies right away since we just got our vises. I know that the lessons taught will greatly benefit the fishing of the students as well as the advisors including me. I will keep in touch and I'm looking forward to having you stop at our camp on Kettle Creek. Thanks again for your generous gift.


Michael Minarchick

Fly Fishing Club Advisor

Philipsburg-Osceola Fly Fishing Club
Great Feathers Fly Shop
Thanks for your great presentation on wet fly techniques. It was very interesting and informative. Can’t wait to try it.
John Young
Miami Valley Fly Fishers
Miami Valley Fly Fishers

Ray Neirle Chapter

Thanks so much for visiting our TU chapter's meeting. It was one of our better attended meetings. Your presentation was enjoyable and educational. I surveyed a number of our members and I was not the only one that appreciated it. You helped removed any questions about the effectivness of wet flies.
Thanks again
Bob Powell, President of the Ray Neirle Chapter
     Thanks again for driving over from Pennsylvania and giving your Indoor Seminar #1 at our club's February meeting. Even though some of our members consider themselves "old school", almost everybody thinks that wet fly fishing is nothing more than swinging a couple of soft hackles. Clearly there's a bit more to it than that. Your videos and still shots pretty much covered all of the basics and the hands-on presentation of the specially-tied leaders, your beautifully-presented fly boxes and the fully-rigged cane rod really demonstrated what is required to fish wet flies successfully. Please expect that there will be at least several of us visiting when the weather breaks and spending a day or two on the water with you to further explore your methods.
Rick Hurni, President
Central Ohio Fly Fishers
Central Ohio Fly Fishers

Thank you for making the long commute and sharing your presentation with us. We had a great turnout and everyone really enjoyed your presentation. I could tell by the comments, enthusiasm, participation and number of questions asked during and at the end. If I am in the area of the Elite 8 streams mentioned I will definitely look you up and book a guide trip with you. Like most guys I am primarily a nymph fisherman... but I would like to further develop my skills and learn some wet fly techniques hands on.


Dan Weaver
 Bucks Co. Trout Unlimited

Firelands Fly Fishers

Once again it was good to see you and thank you so much for coming to Cleveland.It was evident that all enjoyed and learned much from your presentation on fishing wet flies. You covered the topic from soup to nuts with your easy going style and wealth of knowledge. Your presentation made a perfect evening for our club members. Thanks again for making the trip and enlightening us.

Joe Sloboda
Firelands Fly Fishers
FFI Charter Club
Bucks County TU