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   Wet  Fly  Waterguides  have  developed  5  types  of  hand  tied  leaders  for  stream size
and  water  conditions.  All  leader  are  tied  with  built  in  droppers  and  are constructed  with  Frog  Hair  leader  material.
ITEM  #301   5FT   1-Dropper ------- 3X
ITEM  #302   71/2 FT.  1-Dropper -- 4X   6X
ITEM  #303   9 FT.  2-Dropper ------ 4X   6X
ITEM  #304   11 FT.  1-Dropper ----- 6X

$5.00  ea.
Fluorocarbon Tippet & Droppers
ITEM  #301-F   5FT   1-Dropper ------- 3X
ITEM  #302-F   71/2 FT.  1-Dropper -- 4X   6X
ITEM  #303-F  9 FT.  2-Dropper ------- 4X  6X
​ITEM #304-F   11 FT. 1-Dropper ----- 6X
$6.00  ea. 
Mini Sink Tips
 These  shooting  heads  are  custom  built  to  get  your  fly  down  to  the  level  of  the  fish
when  the  streams  are  running  high. These  heads  come  in  2  sizes   and   have  a  loop
to  loop  connection  for  a  quick  change.
ITEM  #401  1FT.                       ITEM  #402  2FT.
$5.00  ea.
Tippet & Dropper Material Spools
Frog Hair Tippet and Leader material is superior because our material is subjected to GAMMA’s 
propriety process. The process produces a material that offers exacting tolerances, super high 
tensile and knot strength and up to two times the suppleness and shock resistance compared to all 
other brands of tippets and leaders. For the angler, Frog Hair provides a more natural presentation with more hook-ups and a line that generates maximum fish fighting capabilities.  Frog Hair Products are truly your new, competitive advantage. 
Frog Hair High Performance Monofilament Material
3x,  4x,  6x  tippet material - 32.2 yd spools ----- $8.00 ea.  ITEM  #311
.015  dropper material - 27.3 yd spool ----- $8.00 ea.  ITEM  #312
Frog Hair FC is an ultra molecular weight PVDF fluorocarbon made using GAMMA”s exclusive
processing technology.  Unlike other fluorocarbon monofilament that are very rigid and stiff,
Frog Hair FC is prosses to increase the flexibility of the material and provide up to two times the
suppleness of other typical fluorocarbon monofilament.  The added suppleness compliments ther
refractive qualities of fluorocarbon to deliver the most stealthy, drag-free presentation possible
and increase your catch rate.
Frog Hair 100% Fluorocarbon Material
3x,  4x,  6x  tippet material - 27.3 yd spools ----- $15.00 ea.  ITEM  #313
.015  dropper material - 21.9 yd spool ----- $20.00 ea.  ITEM  #314
These fly boxes are clear, double sided, light weight and water proof with slit foam inserts for easy fly organization.

Fly Box  Only $15.00
ITEM   #702   Double Sided Fly Box (6"x 3"x 1 3/4" Holds 288 Flies)
Fly Box
   Wet Fly Waterguides is now producing wading staffs and adding them to our product line. All staffs are made of solid oak and cut to a nice taper to keep the weight down. Staffs are finished with a dark walnut stain and sprayed with four coats of satin polyurethane finish to protect the wood from that vigorous day to day use on the stream. Staffs are 51 1/2" inches in length and tipped with a rubber tip to keep the noise down on the stream bottom. The top of the staff is finished off with a nice copper cap. Staffs will also be equipped with a nylon lanyard and clasp to attach to your vest for easy on and off.  It's definitely something you should add to your fishing equipment and use often, no matter what stream your fishing.
Wading Staffs
ITEM: 704

   "Matching the Hatch with Wet Flies" is Wet Fly Waterguides newest Tying DVD.
They have taken six different species of flies that hatch throughout the season that they think are important to imitate and to have in your fly box. The flies they have chosen to tie are a Grannom, March Brown, Slate Drake, Green Drake (Coffin Fly), Sulphur Spinner and a Crainfly. The video shots are very explicit and up close and shot at two different camera angles on every pattern, so you can follow along through every single step with ease. Inside the DVD case is the complete material list for each pattern telling you  what you will need to tie each pattern.
   There is also a special Bonus Feature on the disk. This will show you how to tie the dropper loops into your leader and where to place them on the leader so you can fish a three fly rig.
   They also thought it would be nice to added some video of a few of their trips out on the water using these patterns to show you how well they performed for them and to prove to you that they are worthy to be in your vest. So if you enjoy swing some wet flies this DVD is for you. 
Only $20.00
ITEM  #504

     Wet Fly Waterguides now has an intermediate sinking fly line available. After doing some long research and looking at all the fly line manufactures out there. We have finally found a line manufacture and fly line that will take the place of the Orvis intermediate sinking line that is not being produced anymore, and that has performed so well for fishing wet flies for us over the years. We have managed to find a line manufacture in Scotland. Our fellow fly fishermen in the UK have been fishing wet flies for century's and they have been using intermediate lines for sometime to fish wet flies subsurface. So what a better place to locate a quality intermediate sinking line then from the gentlemen who have been fishing wets for so long. So we'll be importing some of these fly lines from across the pond to add to our inventory. The fly line that we'll be stocking will be a weight forward 5 weight in a forest green color and the sink rate will be 1" to 1"1/2 a second. 
Intermediate Sinking Line
ITEM  #601